Scout Park

At Harrisonburg Baptist Church

Create A Scout Use Park

Harrisonburg Baptist Church has provided Troop 42 and Troop 242 an area

to build a new storage shed, and trailer parking area.

First thing

Because space is limited downtown, HBC is providing space for it's scouts to build storage sheds for all their equipment, and to park scout trailers as well.

Next Make A PAD

The area to use will need to be graded and graveled. Attention will have to be given to make the space usable, but also not an eyesore to the community.

Layout and build

After planning the layout for all the various uses, the Scouts will design and build their storage building. This is a scout project, adults can advise, but the scouts will be doing the majority of the work.

The Finish

After completion of this new park, Scouts will have a place for their gear and use.


Contact to get more information about the project